Yoga Now Keego Class Description

Gentle Yoga*

The class is a mild practice that is entirely appropriate for true beginners, more experienced students looking for a gentle stretch, or even for persons with minor injuries or physical limitations. 

Better Backs*

This class works on developing core strength and stretches for the back and hips, as well as deep breathing - 3 main causes of back pain.

Candlelight Yoga*

Step into the surrounding of a uniquely illuminated candlelit studio with soothing mellow music to guide you away from the stresses and tensions of the day.

Yoga For Every BODY*

Each teacher will teach this class with their own style.  It is designed to work for students of every level.

Slow Flow*

Starting out with gentle poses, we work our way up to a higher energy level in the middle and then mellowing out at the end. Tying together the breath with music with movement...this class will make you refreshed, relaxed and energized.

Ashtanga Yoga**

A fast-paced style of yoga with a specific set of poses.   All classes begin with sun salutations and then move on to vigorous postures for the whole body.  Practice in a heated room!

Vinyasa Yoga**

This class links together a series of postures, flowing from one to the next, moving quickly and building heat and strength. Practice in a heated room!

* All Levels Welcome

** Some Experience Suggested


Class Descriptions

2141 Cass Lake Road • Keego Harbor, MI 48320 • Phone: 248.683.0086