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Arlene DeMassa, RYT and founder of Yoga Now

I was drawn to yoga because it purifies and integrates body, mind, and spirit.  In my classes, I emphasize on the breath, balance and rounding as a foundation of Asana and begin to introduce yoga into daily life. 

In 1991, I trained in Denver to be certified as a Callanetics instructor.  I taught Callanetics for two year in West Bloomfield.  I have been practicing yoga since 1999. 

Yoga has changed my life.  My passion for yoga has led me to open Yoga Now in 2003.  I hold an RYT teaching certificate from Richard Rahn at Yoga Now.

I enjoy travel, cooking and decorating in any spare time.

Connie Grossman, RYT

Although I was introduced to yoga in 1967, it was not until I retired from my profession as a physical therapist, in 1997, that I began to study yoga seriously.  I completed my Teacher Training course with Johnny Kest in 1997.  I was so enthused about the practice, history and the benefits, that I was able to start teaching in September of 1997.

I love to teach a slow, flowing yoga with students moving to the rhythm of their diaphragmatic breathing. 

I have found yoga to be calming and strengthening of both body and mind.  I feel very grateful to be able to guide others to experience the benefits of their yoga practice

Daniel Gwinn, B.S., J.D., E-RYT

My journey with yoga started over 10 years ago. I was fortunate to have trained with Linda Makowski, E-RYT, and other inspiring teachers for several years. Through my introduction to yoga I attended many workshops including Anusara with Desiree Rumbaugh,  Matthew Sanford, Patricia Walden, Cyndi Lee, Jason Crandell, Shamanasana and Chakra workshops with Nancy McCaochan, Yoga Camp, Inward Bound Yoga in Brooklyn, MI and YAGD Yoga Day in Troy.

I focus my classes on Hatha Yoga and have been told my classes lean towards a gentle, but challenging view of practice. I emphasize a non-judgmental teaching style with a focus on alignment and enhancements to classic yoga postures to lead the student toward his or her edge.

Stephen George - RYT 200

My first experiences with yoga were in the mid-1970’s . It was a lot different back then. There was no vinyassa flows, no fusion, no Hollywood…….just real traditional yoga and meditation. We studied  yoga with emphasis on alignment of asanas, pranayama breathing techniques, the flow of Prana and the ancient teachings and philosophies. 

I have spent many years on a continuous journey to improve my depth of knowledge. After numerous teacher trainings and workshops, I have evolved to deeper levels and I have discovered  an  insight into the roots of yoga. We channel the energy through the layers of our body so that we find clarity between our physical and subtle beings. This clarity of mind and body helps us to control our emotions, desires and our senses. This is the true meaning of yoga.

Jim Stout

Jim was inspired by classes that linked breath and posture in a dynamic environment of music and motion.  His classes are designed to help every student condition and maintain a healthy body and a quiet mind.

Shawn Broida, RYT

My passion for teaching yoga is to help you find your passion for practicing yoga – and weave it into whatever else allows you to find your true self, and then love what you find. 

Karen Lutz

Embrace life as you embrace yoga.

Karen combines breath, movement and attention to alignment in her practice.

Explore your own edges in a gentle flow that will allow you to feel better when you step off your mat. Whether you are just beginning or have practiced for years, you are welcome in class! 

Kathy Cojanu

I was introduced to yoga in 2001 while I was busy being a wife and mother while working full-time.  I immediately noticed that yoga reduced my level of stress and lightened my mood.  I practiced sporadically for years but always felt drawn back to my mat.  By the time I retired in 2008 I had happily become a full-fledged “Yoga Geek”.  I completed my 200-hour Teacher Training with Jonny Kest in 2010 and have been teaching since then.  I continue to seek out additional training at every opportunity.

I believe that the benefits of yoga to the body and mind are limitless and that, as we age, yoga becomes more essential to living a full life.  I believe that anyone can practice yoga, regardless of their current level of fitness or ability and the classes I teach reflect that belief.

Carly Cinet

When I was first introduced to yoga about 2 years ago I viewed yoga as a physical workout. While practicing I found myself feeling calmer, lighter and began using my breath frequently to distress during college. It was not until I studied under Johnny Kest that I learned the true meaning of yoga.   Less is More; Take a Break; Baby Steps; were all statements I always had heard, but hadn’t applied until I found Yoga. Over time, the strength built, not only on the mat, but out in life as well with better decisions, seizing opportunities and building a stronger ME, inside and out. The physical practice created a path for me that I want to share through teaching.

Lindsey Roldan

Yoga is an inward practice that brings focus, lightness, balance, and stability . It is the only natural way to care for the body as a whole. I began practicing off and on about eight years ago, and once I noticed the endless benefits that took place in my life, I began to practice regularly. I then had a life changing experience when I began Teacher Training with Johnny Kest at Center for Yoga in 2012. This is where I overcame personal  fears  and found true growth and balance in my life.

This ancient practice allows me take time out of the day and turn my focus inward, with breath and movement. When you focus inward, your desires change. You begin to break old habits and create new patterns of positivity. I found teaching to be the best way to share this practice and its benefits with the world.

Erica Cheok E-RYT200, RYT 500

Erica’s teaching journey started in 2008 with her first yoga teacher training with Michael Johnson and Stephanie Johnson.  Since then she has completed a second Yoga Teacher Training Program, multiple workshops for yoga teachers, and in 2013 she completed her RYT 500 Program with the guidance of her teachers,  Natalie Mitoraj and Diane Milne.  These trainings allowed Erica to gain a more whole and in-depth perspective into the philosophy, physiology, and anatomy of yoga and its many modalities. The lifestyle that Yoga has unfolded to Erica has changed her life in the most positive and eye-openings of ways. She wishes to share with the world the beauty of yoga and the peace and unity that flows from the practice. Erica’s classes will leave you refreshed, peaceful, and ready to share your love with the world.