Yoga Now Keego Harbor, West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, Commerce Twp., Bloomfield Hills & Waterford 
Yoga for beginners, intermediate and advanced including vinyasa and ashtanga

YOGA NOW provides a peaceful and tranquil environment in an intimate studio.  Yoga Now strives to help each student develop a lifelong daily yoga practice and experience the health and wellness that yoga brings.

Yoga is a physical and mental practice that can be embraced at any age.   Incorporating the practice of yoga into your daily routine will bring together the mind, body, and spirit and relief from the stress of everyday life.

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2141 Cass Lake Road • Keego Harbor, MI 48320 • Phone: 248.683.0086


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Welcome to Yoga Now!

At Yoga Now, we love introducing yoga to beginners. You will find our teachers to be very friendly, kind, patient, and informative. We promote a non-competitive atmosphere in classes and encourage all students to move at their own pace. The kind of class you choose to attend will have a big impact on your first impression of yoga. It’s important to recognize that there are many approaches to yoga, and the style and personality of the teacher can be a strong influence. We encourage beginners to try our different classes and teachers, to find the approaches you feel a personal connection and affinity with.  If you don’t connect with your first yoga class, rather than judging yoga on that single experience, we highly recommend you keep an open mind and try out another class and teacher.

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Sacred Wave Gong Immersion

        Saturday, March 15th

at 6 PM